Don’t be afraid, be bold!

Welcome!  As an avid non-writer, the hardest part of this is getting started!  I have to be honest though, I am not completely without writing experience (although a tad rusty).  While pursuing a master’s degree, I accumulated hundreds of pages of proof that I can, in fact, write.  While I was always pretty confident when writing in grad school, I am terrified to write this first blog entry.  I think the key difference is vulnerability.  Writing for research is probably one of the least personal ways to write, but actually opening up and exposing my inner beliefs, faith, and daily communications with the Holy Spirit is a very exposed and vulnerable feeling.  So today’s post is simply to encourage everyone to turn from the spirit of fear and be bold in faith.  The Holy Spirit is urging each and every one of us in different ways each day.  It is so important that we listen to Him and let Him guide us.  It is not always easy to do this, but it is so incredibly rewarding.  So don’t be afraid to do something that you are being urged to do.  If the Holy Spirit has directed it and it brings glory to the Kingdom of God, then you CAN do it and it is WORTH it!


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