Better late than never – remembering my Dad.

I was going to write something today about spiritual gifts, but I can always write about that tomorrow or maybe even later today.  I was looking over the blog feed and caught a lot of stories about Dads.  I didn’t really acknowledge father’s day this year (other than help our kids with gifts for my husband).  This year marks the first fathers day without my Dad.  So while this post is a tad bit late for father’s day, it is right on time for me and maybe you. My Dad passed of cancer November 12th of 2016.  It has been a rough 7 months without him.  I tell God every day all the most cliche things about life not being fair and all that hooplah.  The truth is, his earthly journey is complete and he’s waiting for me just on the other side.  I miss him dearly but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  His suffering is over and now I don’t have to pick up the phone to talk to him!  Yeah, I am really trying to see the  bright side of this situation.

My Dad was 54 years old.  Super young, I know! The first 40 years of his life, he was the best Dad he could be.  I say this because, while he was a believer, he was not really living a Godly life.  Growing up we never attended church as a family and never really prayed together, other than the occasional supper time prayer.   At the age of 40 that all changed for him.  Through several major life changes that could form a novel, he ended up on the other side of divorce, remarried and a baby on the way (yes, at 40!).  So I know I just said he wasn’t leading a Godly life, but he was Godly man before he even knew it.  He was always full of integrity, a spot on moral compass and an incredibly hard worker.  He was a life long carpenter (so was Jesus!). 😉

Just before he met my stepmother, he prayed to find his soulmate and then he described her to a T.  Shortly after, he met her and that was it.  I was attending college several hours away so I was not around to witness this first hand, but the next time I saw him he visibly appeared to be a changed man. I remember that very vividly – different clothes, different hair and different demeanor.  Even though the first few years of his new life were rocky, I knew this was a huge time of spiritual growth for him.  I was not receptive to these changes early on and it took time for me to come around.  Over the next 14 years, he allowed God to work in his life and through him to be poured out onto all of his children.

There is a lot more to the story of my Dad, and I am sure I will write more about it at some point, but the point of all of this rambling is that I am the believer I am today because God made him my earthly father.  I have strength, integrity, morals, and an unfailing love for God because of him.  He taught me so much over the years, but the most important things he taught me are to give praise and thanksgiving to God, to love and honor Jesus and to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.  Praise be to God for allowing me to have him as a Dad.


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