Spiritual Gifts – Do you know what yours are?

Each and everyone of us have spiritual gifts. Yes, gifts!  I believe that we have more than one spiritual gift.  Hear me out.  If you are truly in tune with the Holy Spirit then you listen and obey Him (some days and some requests are easier than others – we can talk about that another time).  This means that you can be a blessing to others in many different ways.  Of course, we all have specific aptitudes which give us inherent spiritual gifts, but one day the spirit could have you sharing your testimony to a large group and the next day being a private prayer warrior for a friend. Have you even been talking with someone and had a sense that you needed to give them a very specific encouraging word?  That is a spiritual gift!

Spiritual gifts also grow over time.  At the beginning of my spirit filled journey I am sure that the fact that I am an outgoing person made it easier for me to share and minister to others.  However, I look back now and realize that my ability to share with others in a joyful, coherent and less fearful way has grown by leaps and bounds!  I’ve also spent a lot of time asking the Holy Spirit to grow my spiritual gifts and give me the ability to see opportunities to share with others.  Hence, the start of this blog.

Have you prayed about your spiritual gifts?  Have you asked the Holy Spirit to guide you in this area of your life?  If not, you are really missing out!  Part of walking with the spirit is having an open dialogue, which is a two way street.  Open yourself up, pray about it, and listen for the guidance.  It may be hard at first to act on what you receive (I know it was for me!), but over time it will get easier.  Don’t forget to ask for strength and courage.  Remember, nothing is too small to be a spiritual gift.  Everything from being a good listener to being called to ministry is a spiritual gift.  So step out in faith, start using those spiritual gifts and trying something new.  You will be surprised where it will take you and what it can do for others.

A special word on discouragement – the enemy will try to tell you that you do not have any gifts, that (even if you do) you won’t know how to use them, and that you will look stupid doing it or worse yet, you will be criticized.  DO NOT give in to these thoughts.  You have been created with a purpose and a calling.  You play a very important role in the Kingdom of God and the life of others.  The enemy doesn’t want you to know that.

I hope you are encouraged by this today and choose to flex your spiritual gift muscles. 😉



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