God speaks, you just have to listen!

I feel compelled to share one of the ways in which God has spoken to me. Just last night, I opened my Bible app and was greeted by a great verse of the day.  On the bottom of that page my eye was drawn to a devotional suggestion: spiritual attack.  I opened it and it was as if he had placed it there just for me (because he did).  It spoke to me.  It outlined the ways in which Satan tries to derail you from the calling in your life.  I realized in that moment that I’ve been experiencing those exact things!  I mean it’s not like one of those pharma commercials where they say: are you tired during the day,  do you yawn a lot,  would you rather be in your bed…then you need this pill!   Ha!  I have two small children, that sounds like my life!  This though, this was different.  The devotional spoke to me powerfully, giving me guidance and confirmation. God wants to speak to you too. You’ve got to plug in to his word and be still enough for your heart to hear him.  


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