The Struggle Is Real

*I’m writing this from my phone so forgive any typos* We all struggle with something or several somethings.  What are your struggles? Mine is patience (among others).  I’m especially impatient when it comes to provision. The issue with being impatient is that it demonstrates a lack of trust in God’s plan and His timing. That sounds pretty bad doesn’t it? I’ve never thought of it that way before and, you know, it kind of puts it into perspective. Maybe it’s time to trust more and try to control less.  🤔

I’ve heard over the years that you should never pray for patience; you are just asking to be tested! That is an out right lie! The devil doesn’t want you to pray because prayer invites God into the situation.  If God enters then the devil must flee. We should always pray for strength in our areas of weakness!  I pray for patience so He will intervene, assist me with my reaction, and remind me that, with His help, I can persevere. He has done that and more for me this week, and it’s only Monday!  So pray for patience, or whatever gets in the way of your Joy, and don’t forget to thank Him (even if he does take the opportunity to test you!). 😉 


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