We have a loving heavenly father!

The past few months have been rough but we are getting through. We are learning, growing, and being molded by God. We’ve had job changes, illness, financial stress, things breaking down, changes in pivotal relationships, and just the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. I felt alone at times, but I know, by faith, that God is with me through it all. It is hard though, which I am sure you already know, to cling to the notion that God is there. Praising Him, rejoicing in Him, and continuing to pray to Him even when everything seems to be falling apart or he is silent. When I’m on the other side of the trials, I always “get it” and I rejoice in it because I learned so much from God about God and about me! It’s still not easy.

Let me preface the next part of this by telling you that I hate feeling that I am not in control. Spiritually I know God is in control, but logically I just can’t help myself! I am a (slightly reformed – not nearly as bad as I used to be) type A person. I just like to get my hands dirty, take control of the situation, have all the right answers, and get the quick fix – Viola! The whole point though is that we are NOT in control. We lull ourselves into a false sense of control with worldly things and small personal victories that we arrogantly think were our triumphs.

This tough period is a true blue teaching and testing moment. God is opening my eyes to areas of my life where I have been not being obedient, trying to over engineer, giving in to temptation, being impulsive, and not being giving, forgiving and loving to others.

My prayer during these difficult times is: Thank you Lord. I praise you and I lift your name up! Continue to teach me, guide me, correct me and provide abundantly for me and my family. Show me how I can be a blessing time others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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